About AHM

Q: Who are you?
A: Well, Fabio's the name. A citizen of the world and a specimen of the Homo sapiens sapiens sub-species maintaining this tiny corner of the Internet. You can read more in the About Me section.
Q: What's this blog about?
A: A bit of everything, really. Admittedly, you will find that a statistically significant majority of my posts on here deal with such subjects as science, religion, philosophy and the occasional political rambling.
Q: You're one of them angry atheists, aren't you?
A: That's preposterous and I resent the accusation. While I am indeed a godless heathen, I am a perfectly pleasant and friendly chap unless you intentionally - or unintentionally - piss me off. That makes me not all that different from you or anyone else, regardless of religious conviction - or lack thereof. So no, I'm no angrier or any more hostile than most other people on this planet. The worst you could probably say about me is that I don't believe in taboo topics or that personal opinions are all equally deserving of respect.
Q: Why are you out to attack us Christians?
A: I am not. Christianity just so happens to be the one religious flavour I have been exposed to the most, what with me having been born and raised in a predominantly Christian country. Italy, in case you were wondering. There's more to it, however. You see, over the past few years one particular Abrahamic religion has come under attack for various geopolitical reasons - whose merits or demerits fail to interest me that much. As a consequence, much of the Western world's attention has been diverted from one, at this time, much more pervasive and endemic force which has for far too long been exempted from due criticism. Christianity. I will let the crazy right-wing nutters bash Islam if they so wish. I believe it's important that they be reminded of their own stupidity in the process.
Q: There's plenty of atheist blogs out there already. What have you got to say that others don't?
A: Thank you for asking. The answer is nothing. While the old adage "strength in numbers" doesn't always necessarily hold true, it is certainly a valid strategy to adopt when you're part of one of the most mistrusted (growing) minorities in the world. Yes, I am but one among many, here to contribute towards a cause I deem important in my own, very personal way. I am certain there are worthier blogs out there and if these pages will - if anything - manage to direct you towards them, I will consider myself satisfied. The links are on the side.
Q: Why bother trying to sell atheism in the first place?
A: That is not my intent. While I admittedly put a lot of effort in exposing what I consider to be harmful superstition, that is not my main objective. What I wish to do is to attempt to dispel a few of the many myths and prejudices surrounding atheism and us atheists. It is my conviction that no dialogue can take place unless the blatant misunderstandings and misconceptions are dealt with. For this reason I encourage you to leave a comment and ask whatever questions you may have.
Q: So what if people believe something that isn't true, if it gives them purpose and happiness?
A: Personal beliefs have a way of getting out of control and the repercussions are mostly tragic. So it happens that a belief in the supposedly medicinal properties of the rhino's horns and eyes is bringing several populations to the brink of extinction, that a religious ban on blood transfusion can cost a young woman her life and leave her two newborns without a mother, and that a nine-month-old can die because of an eczema (un)treated with homeopathic "remedies." Or that $54M are being wasted to build a replica of the Biblical ark. These are the dire consequences unfounded beliefs lead to when left unchecked.